Some of my New Age Music that I 

wrote and perform. The Graphics

are mine as well.

Welcome to My family:

Linda, my Wife and best friend for 33 years

(she is a fellow NYC realtor, and a very good one)


Our Pets: Athena and Zeus


I'm originally from Eastern Europe and speak 5 languages fluently. I came to NYC with my family in 1973. Both of my parents were dedicated to their family. They worked very hard; and after only 4 years in America, my parents achieved the American dream of owning a home. I learned from my parents the value of hard work in everything one does.  

After graduating College with a Bachelors of Science, I taught in an University. On an advice of a close friend, I got into the real estate field part time. I received my real estate license in 1986. A year later, I totally fell in love with the real state profession, and I decided to make this my full time career. That year, I began working full time for Century 21 Best.

In 1987, I won the True Life Lottery. I met Linda. We had so much in common, that we both wanted to be a big part of each other lives. Lin and I both truly feel, the best lottery anyone can win, is to find the right partner in life. So, we got married in 1990. She is a fellow realtor as well, and we both love the profession.

After 7 years, and numerous National top sales award with Century 21, I decided to make a major real estate move to a larger company. 
It was the second wisest decision I made. My decision was based on simply numbers. Re/Max Team, our main competitor, was breaking every sales record in New York State. They had a 50% market share in our area. Imagine having hundreds of real estate offices in the area, and one office is involved in 50% of the sales.
Common sense dictated for me to make the move. Many of the top agents from my old company switched to Re/Max Team as well. So, in September 1993, I switched to Re/Max Team.

At over 70 full time professionals at Re/Max Team, it was like having a Multiple Listing Center on premises. Agents were bringing in listing to the office, it they were sold literally overnight. 

During my 3 decades in the real estate field, I am proud of the achievements I've been able to attain at Re/Max Team. I've received multiple National sales award given to top Realtors, including:

"Lifetime Hall Of Fame Award"

"Chairman's Club Member"

"Platinum Club Member"

"Diamond Club Member"

Although, knowledge is important, most people don't care how much you know. Most people want to know that you care.
I cherish every seller and buyer who gave me an opportunity to work with them. Everything I accomplished in my career, I owe to them. They could have chosen anyone else to work with, but instead they put their trust in me, to help them with their most important financial decision. 

My philosophy dealing with clients is simple, "I never give clients the service they expect. I give them more. They've earned it. They are the reason I exist in business."

Nearly 90% of all my business is repeat business; either directly from clients, their family, and friends they refer to me. I also get many referrals from attorneys, and bankers, because they like the way I treated their clients.
In addition to the above, I attribute my career success to hard work and dedication to my profession. Knowledge is so ever important. The more you know, the better the service you can provide. I constantly attend continued education so that I can keep up with the current real estate times, zoning regulations, and the latest and most advanced technology available to realtors; which is so important these days. 
As per my personal life, Linda and I enjoy going to the gym, sport events, Broadway shows, museum events, art galleries, fine dining and more. I also am a musician, I write and perform New Age Music. Some of my videos are on this page